I'm a big-picture thinker, and without a wide enough lens I find my work gets stale. Some people bring their careers from A to B quickly, but my journey was more of a winding road, which is great because I had the opportunity to work with so many distinguished professionals and organizations in economics along the way. I’ve gained a unique point of view coming from such a seasoned background, one which is perfectly suited to untangling the new challenges facing international trade today.  I love finding solutions to problems, especially problems that people think can’t be solved in new and exciting ways. And when I’m excited about solutions, I can easily rally those around me by backing this passion with highly effective communication.


Hanna C. Norberg is an independent Trade Policy Advisor and the Founder of  She obtained her Ph.D. in International Economics from Lund University, Sweden in 2000, with an extended study visit to Columbia SIPA and NBER. She has deep understanding of both micro and macro economics as well as applied economics from having worked as advisor, consultant, researcher and university lecturer.

Her primary interests are trade, trade policy, economic integration and development. She has extensive experience in policy implication from working on numerous trade policy impact assessment projects for the European Commission (FTAs covering the majority of the world e.g. T-TIP, Japan and ASEAN, Korea, various MENA countries, Mercosur, Ukraine ) and national governments. In addition, she has done work for ECFIN, OECD, WTO and multiple parts of the Swedish government.

Along the way she has also gathered practical knowledge and understanding across a wide variety of settings -such as interacting with new exporting SMEs, examining and evaluating private public partnerships projects for development and implementing regional FTA and developing quality infrastructure in the MENA region.