Proudly Introducing: "The Bigger View"

This is a blog devoted to offering the Bigger View of things; including- but not limited to- current events, political or economic situations or happenings where the main picture emerging seems to be in need of a “Bigger” backdrop setting.

Here Bigger means; expanding the pie, larger scheme of things, longer run, antidote to small-mindedness, growing the perspective, fertilizer to the mind, looking for ways to see the underlying opportunities. 

This is a place devoted to bouncing ideas and knowledge with fellow Economist-as, Utility Maximist-as and Pareto Optimist-as.Where the –a is a gender-neutral description but points to doing what do with a passion. A will to go beyond above and make sure we add our personal touch and extra value. (Think a barista who takes the time to make regular cup o Joe into a velvet smooth drink with a perfect leaf in the foam or a fashionista- weathering the storm in a rain coat matching the dog’s leash).

Gathering:  Yaay-sayers and Doomslayers, Bountiful-Hunters & Where-There’s –a-Will-Seekers, Well- Raisers, Solution-suppliers, partnership brokers, potential-illuminators, possibility suitors, enthusiastic world seers.

Sure- in the long run, we’re all dead. But, while we’re here, let’s make sure we are useful. Look for the possibilities and offer our selves to leading the way to making it better. Add more-Snark less.

Lets face it- while naivete and optimism is often frowned upon by adults- the truth is pessimists never accomplished anything of value.

Backseat divers never get us to where we want to go. Here, we’re on the look out for input from those who are: agile & knowledgable, generous with their expertize, resilient, relentless committed (obviously) and excited (and proudly so!) to lead and do whatever we can and whatever it takes.   Come on in and join the conversation!